Integrate with third-party software to take full control of your marketing campaign.
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Fees range between 0.10-1.00€ (+ additional fees based on % of transaction value). More pricing details per payment method here.

This is the story of Ocullus X

John Dow
CEO Agency Ocullus X
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This is the story of Orpheus

Maggy Suew
Orpheus CEO
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This is the story of Wallmart

Dakotah Simmons
Wallmart CEO
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This is the story of Nature Garden

Matt Della Gucco
Nature Garden CEO
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This is the story of Constant Contact

Simon Simfred
Constant Contact CEO
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Klaviyo integration

With the integration, you can setup your automated campaign and start sending your marketing emails through Klaviyo.

We work wiht Lucida, our business growht 3x in just 4 months

Susan Bolt, Jewerly Ava

Email templates

Use existing flows and the email templates in your Klaviyo account and customize the layout and styling to your liking.


You can add complex conditions and customize your message. Get the perfect customer experience that converts through personalized and contextualized messages.

Grow your mailing list

After the integration is activated, customers may choose to opt-in to join your mailing lists.

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Quick setup. Begin accepting payments in 15 minutes.
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Sync data to your CRM

Stay up-to-date with what's happening in your campaign. Send event data and user activity to the third party system so you can stay on top of your statistics.

Event data

Events such as price fluctuation or product back in stock can be triggered and sent to Klaviyo.

User activity

Send marketing email metrics such as email open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate and sync them with Klaviyo.

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