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This is the story of Ocullus X

John Dow
CEO Agency Ocullus X
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This is the story of Orpheus

Maggy Suew
Orpheus CEO
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This is the story of Wallmart

Dakotah Simmons
Wallmart CEO
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This is the story of Nature Garden

Matt Della Gucco
Nature Garden CEO
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Simon Simfred
Constant Contact CEO
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Automated process
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Automated process
Send automated follow-up emails requesting reviews.
Negative to positive reviews
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Negative to positive reviews
Get feedbacks from your customers and get more positive reviews.

We work wiht Lucida, our business growht 3x in just 4 months

Susan Bolt, Jewerly Ava

Request at the right time

Send follow-up emails requesting Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, and other reviews when the customers are at their happiest. Sending request emails after they received the order will increase the chance of getting positive reviews.

Choose from a variety of email template styles and pick the best converting design for your business.

Our conversion metrics will provide you with valuable insights to help improve your online presence.

Don't let bad reviews derail you

Minimize the chance of bad reviews when customers are dissatisfied with your product by including a link to a survey form in the request email.

Get the submitted form sent to your inbox with the customer's feedback and provide support accordingly.

Satisfied customer leaves a positive review thus turning what would have been a negative review into a positive one.

Improve your online presence and SEO

Stand out from the crowd. Boost your ratings and feedback on many review sites at once.

Guaranteed accuracy. Stay up-to-date and consistent across platforms.

Increased visibility. Get a better ranking on search engines, increase brand loyalty, and more.

We work wiht Lúcida, our business growht 3x in just 4 months

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Reviews change consumer behavior

According to a Pew Research Center poll, roughly eight-in-ten adults are online shoppers; 15% buy online on a weekly basis.

of consumers consult online ratings and reviews when buying something for the first time.
indicate that they nearly always turn to online reviews when buying something new.
think it is important to be able to read reviews posted online by others who have purchased the item.
state that customer reviews help a lot to make consumers feel confident about their purchases.

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